The Lake


The lake was created in the 1960’s by the damming of a small stream flowing from a spring which now feeds the lake constantly throughout the year. It is 2 acres in size with the depth varying from shallow at the upper spring end to around 15 feet at the dam end providing a good range of habitat for the trout as well as the other bird and insect life to be expected on a mature body of water.

The lake edge and margins vary from grassy banks providing easy fishing access to more natural planting of rushes, water lilies and lakeside willow and alder. There are a good number of platforms built to provide access in areas of natural vegetation, which together with the areas of direct bank access, means there are plenty of varied spots to fish from.

There is abundant natural food for the trout including buzzers, mayfly, damsel flies as well as some sedges and occasional olives, with daddy longlegs in the autumn.

The lake is stocked regularly (weekly or fortnightly) mainly with rainbows as well as some browns and blues. The normal stocking size is 2-5lb with occasional larger fish.