Annual Membership

Trout fishing in Bedfordshire 5512

Pochard Lake is primarily a membership fishery. Annual memberships run from the 1st April through to the 31st March, and provide members with unlimited access to the lake and grounds throughout the whole year at any time.

During the opening hours of the clubhouse the lake will be staffed by the manager Geoff Wood, and outside those hours members have an access code to the main entrance gate and are able to access the bootroom/weigh room and the wc within the clubhouse.

At Pochard we practice catch and take for rainbow trout, and we release any healthy brown trout.

There are two categories of membership: Full Membership and Restricted Membership.

The Full Membership provides full flexibility as to when and how often to fish, and is limited only by the number of fish allowed to be caught. There are three levels of annual limit, 50 fish, 35 fish and 20 fish. If a member reaches their limit before the season’s end it is possible to purchase an extension allowing more fish to be caught. The prices are currently as follows:-

50 Fish
£750 per annum
£62.50 Monthly direct debit
£75 per extra 5 fish
35 Fish
£600 per annum
£50 Monthly direct debit
£87.50 per extra 5 fish
20 Fish
£500 per annum
£41.67 Monthly direct debit
£125 per extra 5 fish

Full Members are entitled to bring one fishing guest once a month on their fish allowance if wished. Additional fishing guests may be brought to the fishery and are charged at the rate of £35 for a 2 fish limit.

The Associate Membership offers full flexibility to visit the lake and use the clubhouse facilities on a social basis, but is restricted to one fishing visit per calendar month (on any day) and a 12 fish annual catch limit, with no guest days available. Extensions to the catch limit can be purchased at the rate of £25 per additional fish. This category of membership is intended for people who only want to fish occasionally but who would like to use social facilities of the clubhouse and lake, but at a lower cost than Full Membership.

The cost of Associate Membership is £300 per annum or £25 monthly direct debit.

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